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About DEX Free Poker League

Free Friendly Fun

DEX Poker League is composed of management, representatives, host venues, and members who work closely together to provide an evening’s entertainment in bars and restaurant across Northern New Jersey.

DEX, while unique in its own brand of entertainment, can be viewed like any other entertainment company such as a Karaoke or Trivia night. A closer comparison might be Dart Tournaments and Pool leagues. The entertainment is in the unique experience – having neither ties to the gambling industry nor an interest in their business model.

DEX welcomes members who must register to play and fit a certain criteria. This criteria includes a statement they are 21 years of age or older. They will not bet on the cards. And, most importantly, they will adhere to a strict Code of Conduct outlined in their signed membership agreement. While we have the option of revoking membership based on the color of one’s hat, we do not. We do, however, have a no-tolerance policy with regards to unsportsmanlike, unfriendly, damaging or disruptive behavior. As a result we can boast a current membership comprised of like-minded, polite, and fun human beings.

DEX handles all aspects of the evening’s entertainment. No participation in league activities is required of the Host Location. Our professional staff sets up the equipment, runs the tournaments, tracks and enters the scores, and clean up after. Host locations are responsible for doing what they do best – providing good food, at reasonable prices, served in a friendly and efficient manner.

DEX events mimic a “casino poker tournament” environment, complete with leader board, statistical data, professional dealers who run the game, and an adherence to established tournament rules of play. We set up premium-style tables and use professional-grade poker chips.

DEX does not require members to “buy-in” to play a tournament. No buy-in is allowed and no prize pool is generated. There is no risk of losing or winning any cash. The attitude towards the game is one of friendly competition and camaraderie. Members make new friends, practice their game, earn points, and have a lot of fun.

There are prizes to be won:

DEX members earn points based on their final table positions each evening. Those points accumulate to qualify “top” members to play “bonus” tournaments on a monthly and yearly schedule.

Each Host Location has its own leader board reflecting points earned by members at their venue. Monthly “bonus” tournaments run for Top 20 players at each venue, each month. The venue provides a prize valued between $100 and $250 available only to those members who qualified by playing at their location. This allows all league members to qualify for prizes monthly, even if they are a casual player available to play a single venue each month.

DEX maintains a separate league-wide leader board. This leader board combines member points earned at each venue, for a one year session. At the end of the session the Top 250 members qualify for a series of semi-finals. Members who get through their semi-finals advance to the Final Tournament of 100 members. A buy-in to a major WPT tournament event is awarded to the winner. Satellite tournament buy-ins to the same tournament are awarded to all members at the Final Table. Winners may not cash-in or transfer their prize. They must play the tournament they’ve won or forfeit.

DEX uses the leader board to provide interested members with data regarding their own stats as well as tracking each player’s overall performance compared with their fellow members.

DEX Code of Conduct requires the immediate expulsion of any player who bets anything of value on the outcome of the cards. It also prohibits the soliciting of members for off-premise “home games” or any other talk of any sort involving gambling. There are no football pools, no side-bets, or any other gambling activity allowed.