Dealer Careers Details

So, you think you want to deal free poker part-time?

It's completely up to you to step up and make the most of it. I'll give you the tools, training, and equipment you need. After that, you're on your own. How well you do earning tips and satisfying Host Locations is completely up to you. Because you are not employed or paid by the league, it's your own good nature and sense of duty that will determine your success. If you are short-tempered, smell nasty, or think this is a good way to recruit players to your cash game, don't bother reading any further.

First: join us at one of our venues to see what it's all about. Talk to the dealers - they will let you know how likely it is you'll work immediately or be put on a list.

Then, contact me, via email, using the contact link.

Once you have been trained and auditioned we will put you "On Call."

You will be asked to show up and deal whenever an existing dealer cancels at the last minute or more players arrive than expected. If you are an "On Call" dealer you must be ready between 5pm and 7:30pm to show up at a moment's notice. As permanent shifts become available you will be added to the dealer schedule with regular shifts of your own.

Fast track:

Each of our Host Locations is assigned a "Lead Dealer" to manage events at their location. Bring the league a new host and you will be rewarded by becoming the lead dealer at that location.

Still interested? Here's more:

We are looking for friendly people to deal Texas Hold 'em nightly and on weekend afternoons. Dealers are expected to be neat, clean, and dressed in appropriate clothing. They must know the procedures and rules for running a professional poker tournament (an audition must be passed and training can be provided).

Our poker dealers are expected to represent the league in a professional and courteous way.

Responsibilities include:

  • Arriving 1/2 prior to start time, never ever be late.
  • Setting up for the event.
  • Good communication with and support of your fellow dealers.
  • Encouraging proper behavior and adherence to the rules.
  • Liaison with host location managers.
  • Packing up and storing equipment.

In addition:

    Dealers must be diplomatic, neutral, patient and entertaining. You will be dealing cards in a bar and the environment can sometimes be boisterous, noisy, and distracting. It is the responsibility of the dealer to ensure paying customers have a nice experience and come back to play often. This is best accomplished by focusing on providing as professional and pleasant an experience as possible. You will be called upon often to use your good judgment when enforcing the rules. You will also be expected to play the role as ambassador for the league by supporting its general practices and enthusiastically promoting our tournament styles and prize-winning opportunities.