Say it loud, say it proud: 

As a member of the DEX Free Poker League I will never, ever, under any circumstances, wager anything on the outcome of the cards.

I will, with equal fortitude and commitment, never SOLICIT any DEX Member for home games , football pools, or other gambling-related activity during any DEX tournament or at any DEX HOST LOCATION where and while DEX Free Tournaments are in progress.

Should I be found guilty of any of the above egregious offences I will quietly and calmly leave the premises, with the full understanding my membership is revoked for life.

Bear in mind you are participating in our tournaments as a DEX Poker Member.  An important condition for maintaining this status is your willingness to promote and support the league.  Abhorrent behavior is a subjective notion.  Suffice it to say if any dealer, host location, or fellow member deems your actions, words, or deeds so inappropriate it requires intervention from management you may as well just hang your head and walk away.

Always bear in mind:  Membership can be revoked because we don’t like the color of your hat.  It won’t be.  But it could be.  And once revoked, will never again be considered.

Acceptable behavior:  Politeness, welcoming attitude, good sportsmanship, and adherence to norms and customs that promote an enjoyable environment.

Unacceptable behavior:   Name calling, excessive use of foul language, damage to equipment or property, threats, loud outbursts, bullying, and general rudeness.     

DEX Poker Host Locations welcome our members into their establishments with open arms and a willingness to serve.  We are there to enjoy ourselves and take advantage of the venue to pursue our own agendas.  Let’s strive to be good guests.

We are not like their other customers.  We hang around longer than typical customers so their tables don’t “turn over” in the usual sense.  Typical customers sit in one spot.  We move around a lot and can be hard to find when food and drink orders come out.  Be mindful of this and, while your order is pending, look around once in a while and listen for your name to be called.  You can also help the wait staff by identifying and locating customers for them and by being as compact as possible when necessary.

And, yes, there is wait staff to clean up after you.  Still, don’t drop things on the floor, and try to clean up after yourself when you can.  Try not to leave empty glasses in the poker table cup holders.  Don’t hang your jacket on a seat that you are not personally occupying.  Essentially, take every opportunity to be accommodating to our hosts and each other.

Remember our Host Locations are counting on us to buy stuff.  It’s not required.  No cover charge or drink minimum is imposed.   Ever.  It is never beholden upon you to buy anything. 

Still, we are there to earn points and win prizes.  They exist to sell food and beverages.  Don’t antagonize them by bringing in outside food or drink.  It’s rude, disrespectful, and bad for the reputation of the league.

Never discourage your fellow members from placing a food or drink order.  Menu suggestions are helpful; statements such as “I wouldn’t eat here” are not.  In fact, refer to the above paragraphs.  Your continued membership depends upon your support of the league.

We are enjoying the entertainment, the league is dependent upon the Hosts, and the Hosts are dependent on those enjoying the entertainment.  That is how the cycle works.  If you choose to be a part of our mini ecosystem, kindly arrive at our events ready and willing to participate.  If not, well, why bother?