Host FAQ

Thinking of hosting free poker tournaments? Let's talk.

I put this in a Q&A format so you can skip the stuff you already know. This page is merely an overview of our services. If your interest is peaked, and you would like more detailed information, simply contact us for a meeting. There is a slight bit of tongue in cheek included. I do take this business seriously but hate to be a bore.

What is a free poker league and who is DEX?
DEX Poker League is an entertainment company. Our members come to host locations to enjoy a night of risk-free and pleasant entertainment. During the evening they are encouraged to partake of the food and beverage on offer.

We have a two-tiered approach to accomodate both the host location and league members.

Tier I HOST:

 The host location is treated as a unique entity within the league.

  • A "lead" is assigned to monitor and promote each nightly tournament.
  • Monthly and nightly bonus tournaments, special events, and prize winning opportunities are at the discretion of the venue manager and the lead dealer to be scheduled "as needed."
  • Every venue has its own leader board, specific to its location, which is reset monthly.
  • Preferred players are offered monthly incentives, in the form of a VIP Player Program, which tracks their spending habits.



    1. Players are offered a league-wide, year-long, leader board. This is a data mine containing a wealth of statistics for providing sophisticated calculations. Players can track their overall progress compared to both the players they see regularly as well as league wide.
    2. At the end of each yearly session a final tournament is offered with DEX poker providing an attractive prize to final table finishers. You would hire us the same way you would book a band, karaoke night, or trivia contest. We lure them in with the promise of a fun-filled evening and prize-winning opportunities; you dazzle them with your efficient staff and great food.

Our motto - Dealers Make The Difference - is so very important. You see, our dealers work for tips from the members. This not only speaks volumes on the quality of our members, but why the "professional environment" we offer is the most enjoyable element of our effort. There is a dealer at each table, for each tournament, running the game efficiently and effectively. It's a luxury we proudly provide with enthusiasm and dedication.

Why and when should I host free poker tournaments?
The best nights to host poker tournaments are when you are currently the least busy. Mondays and Tuesdays are the most popular nights for our hosts because there is typically nothing else going on in the bar to attract customers.

We are also a great room-filler at venues where the "action" starts after 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night.

Some hosts find weekend afternoons to be particularly successful. Still other Hosts find Wednesdays and Thursdays to be the most profitable, particularly when coupled with other events running those evenings.

You simply have to monitor your traffic and pick the night most in need of a revenue boost. If we do our job, and you do yours, it could turn a previously "dead night" into a profitable one.

How much does it cost?

It's inexpensive. The first month is free except for the Monthly Bonus Prize you provide. The second through sixth months we take a "hit" in the form of a greatly reduced rate while you build a clientele and test the service. After the first six months we negotiate a nightly rate that will both delight you and keep us in business. Fees include a nightly rate along with a monthly "prize" package. Many monthly prize options are presented or you may choose to provide one yourself.

What are the perks?

Introduce new customers to your location. Fill your bar (and parking lot) on a traditionally dead night. Provide a reason for your existing customers to come in one more night than they usually might. It's a great value (bang for buck) and runs itself. We take care of everything poker, you take care of everything food and drink related.

What are the challenges, I've heard poker leagues don't bring in revenue?

(Seems silly, I know. Many a respected advisor has pled with me to forgo this section. Pshaw I say; if I'm going to ask you to work closely with me, you need to know what challenges we face and how we deal with them.) Free poker tournaments have been hosted in New Jersey for more than 6 years. That alone says a lot.

Still, you may be interested to know: Our greatest challenges are enticing customers to spend the "big bucks" when

    1. It's a mid-week, off night, reason to leave the house. It's not their birthday, anniversary, first-date, or other special occasion.
    2. They must get up for work in the morning.
    3. Those members who actively and knowingly misunderstand that oh-so-pesky F-word "free.

Further challenges include the ABC laws governing our conduct. Particularly there can be no hint, no matter how small, of a "pay to play" scenario. This means no cover charge, no drink minimums, no throwing out of tap-water drinkers for loitering. We take this mandate VERY SERIOUSLY.

Impossible to overcome you say?

No! We have cunning plans to ensure custom from our members. I certainly can't broadcast our methods here for all to see. It's outlined in detail in the New Host Kit. I will say it all revolves around a simple formula: Our challenge is to lure in paying customers. Your challenge is to provide them with good food at reasonable prices served up by friendly and efficient staff. It works.

Who are your members?

The poker table is the great equalizer. Members come from all walks of life - Singles, couples, those with families, those without. They range in age from 21 to 94. The average demographic is men and women between the ages of 25 and 60. This is not what you can expect nightly, some venues appeal to everyone, some are more suited to a younger crowd, some to a more mature group. Most importantly, our members are vetted and we strive to attract and entertain the most friendly and supportive people we can find. Conversely, I know of 3 marriages and dozens of relationships sparked at free poker events. I don't advertise that aspect; it would be cheesy and is better exploited by other types of businesses. Still, it's interesting so I note it here.

Is there a contract?

No. There is a document, signed by both of us, that outlines what is expected from each of us. I ask for your signature for one important reason - to insure you read it. We ask you to agree to make certain efforts and, in turn, we outline what you can expect from us. It also specifies what day(s) of the week you will host and how much you will pay. This service only works when both the host and the league are happy. If its not working for one, it isn't for the other either. While we appreciate some notice if you choose to discontinue the service, you are under no obligation to do so and may cancel at any time. If you prefer to work under more formal circumstances, there is a proper, enforceable, detailed contract available. A sample is included in the New Host Kit and I am happy to sign it with you.

What do I have to do?

    1. Select and provide a bonus prize at the beginning of each month.
    2. Pay us nightly for our service.
    3. Provide efficient service, good food, and reasonable prices.
    4. Help us promote the league by posting signage (free from your local distributors) and adding us to your event calendar.
    5. Communicate with your Lead Dealer to discuss promotional ideas and other league business.

What does DEX do?

Each nightly event is run by a trained organizer we refer to as your "lead." This lead is assigned and dedicated to your location. The lead brings in and sets up the equipment, greets and registers new members, runs the tournaments, reports the scores, and cleans up after. You and the Lead Organizer will have each other's contact information and liaise over issues involving a break in the schedule (i.e. weather-related closures, holiday schedules), expected nightly turn-out (our members register in advance to play, the lead can report this info), and any other issue that arises requiring personal attention. Your venue is more than a job for your lead dealer, it is a part-time business. You become your own entity, personally attended to, where league-wide strategies are applied when needed to accomodate your particular needs.

The lead dealer maintains a cell phone and email database for those members specific to your location. "Your" members are updated weekly, via email, with session deadline dates, food and drink specials, special bonus tournaments, and anything we can think of to keep them playing.

We have an online presence,, devoted to keeping members entertained and updated. There is special emphasis placed on each host location and what prize they offer each month. Statistics, photos, bonus tournaments, and special events are scheduled as needed and posted to the site and Facebook page to hold the players attention and promote their participation. The first week of each month a "monthly bonus tournament" is held at your location. Only those members who qualified by earning points playing your location may participate. The points earned by your members are compiled nightly and posted to a leader board specific to your location. We provide a League-Wide Leader Board. All members from all locations can track their nightly scores on this leader board. A number of sophisticated statistical charts are available for them to track their overall performance compared with other league members. At the end of a year's time a league-wide bonus tournament is run. The Final Tournament Winner wins a seat to a major WPT event at the Borgata Casino. We pay for Final Table finishers 2nd through 10th to play satellite tournaments at this same event. We maintain a VIP Player Program. Players earn VIP points based on their tab totals each evening. VIP points earn them Platinum, Gold, or Silver status with each level offering an increased amount of personal attention. And who is organizing and writing all this? Send an email expressing interest and find out for yourself! My presentation is short and sweet.