Member's Question and Answer

Why would anyone play for free?

Mostly because it's a lot of fun. Other valid reasons include: There are prizes to be won. There are also new, like-minded players already playing for you to meet. You can't lose any money gambling. If you're a beginner, it's a great place to learn. If you're a player, it's a great place to hone your game. The food is better than anything out of a microwave.


But, really, free? What kind of game is it? Sounds like a Donkfest.

If you enjoy statistics, leader boards, qualifying for prizes, playing poker, and meeting new people, the question answers itself. Here's more though:

Actually you get a pretty good game with us. The points are important - they accumulate and qualify players for bonus tournaments. Prizes are won at bonus tournaments. Earning points is good. Not only that, you came to player poker. If you're planning to just fool around and get stacked early, you'll watch everyone else play with your chips. Where's the fun in that?

Of course even the best player will be knocked out early once in a while. All host locations have excellent food and bev on offer. Many of them provide alternate forms of entertainment to keep you busy while waiting for the next tournament. You'll find shuffleboard, darts, pool, and always friendly players waiting on the rail with you.


How can I play with DEX online?

We do not offer online play. No avatar required. Come as you are.


What can I expect when I get there?

You'll walk into the venue and see the poker tables set up, the players eating and drinking before the game, and the dealers milling around welcoming players. We usually run three tournaments each session. You'll be expected because you signed up to play as instructed on the new-player page. The lead dealer will greet you, assign you a player ID number, hand you new-player and other bonus chips, and explain how things work.


Bonus chips?

Every player starts the first tournament with a $2K chip stack. Bonus chips are earned in the following way: New players=$500. Bring a new player=$500. Register to play before you show up = $200, arrive 30 minutes early = $200. Register online and show up early = $500.


Then what?

Lock up a seat at any table. Sit down to play when called. Tip your dealer. Receive your starting stack and bonus chips. Play.


Dealers? Tips?

Yes. DEX Poker has professional dealers at every table at every venue. They show up early, set up and run the tournament, report the scores and a number of other support tasks to insure a friendly, professional environment. The dealers are paid by gratuities from the players before the start of each tournament and at each final table.


Humph. If we're expected to tip the dealer it's not free is it?

It's free poker not free entertainment. The host locations hire us to entice you in so they can serve you food and drink. The dealers serve you for tips. Just think of 'free delivery" pizza. You still have to buy the pizza and tip the delivery person.


Why is every field required on the new-player form?

We need your email address to send you sign up confirmations and the occasional newsletter. We need your address so we can mail you back your stuff if you leave it behind. We need your cell number so we can text you with last-minute venue changes and closings (which we only do if you've signed up to play). We do nothing else with the data. Nothing. Promise.


Is this legal?

Yes. Free Texas Hold 'em tournaments have been played in bars and restaurants for more than 6 years. It's legal because it isn't gambling. I repeat - no gambling. This includes, but is not limited to: no money is bet on the cards, no buy-in, and no prize pool. Betting anything of value on the outcome of a hand or anything else violates our terms and leads to immediate expulsion. Discussion of and recruiting for home games is strictly prohibited. There is no cover charge. There are no food, drink, or tip minimums enforced. It is entirely free and fair for everyone. No risk, no gambling, purely and simply entertainment for its own sake.


Why is there no phone number? No address?

We are based out of Fairfield, NJ. We have an office but it is set up for electronically based activity only. For example there are no extra chairs for visitors. There is a PO Box used mainly to collect junk mail. We communicate by email, web site, newsletter and FB page. We have representatives at all host locations to provide you with personal attention. Besides, telephones are so last-week.


More Information

For more information please wander around the web site. Everything you need to know should be there but, if we missed something, please use our contact form and ask.